The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Cranbrook, Kent

Cranbrook on Wikipedia.

Cemetery Chapel. Another view. TQ 789 360. Both Dave Westrap.

St. Theodore (R.C.). TQ 771 358. Geoff Watt. Thanks to Dave Westrap for supplying the dedication and links. Link1. Link2.

Congregational Church, dating from 1857. TQ 775 360. Geoff Watt.

The former Providence Chapel (a planning application is on display on the building). TQ 776 350. Geoff Watt.

St. Dunstan. TQ 776 361. Dave Westrap. Another view, and the total immersion font, both Simon Edwards. Link. Grade I listed - link.

Strict Baptist Chapel. TQ 778 358. Geoff Watt.




01 September 2018

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