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Corbridge, Northumberland

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St. Andrew on Market Place. NY 988 644. Bill Henderson. Another view. Interior view. Both Alan Blacklock. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, side-chapel, the porch doorway, and the font, all Steve Bulman (2012). The churchyard contains an unusual survival, the Vicar's Pele (a Pele tower being a fortified building to resort to when the Scots were on the rampage). As a notice explains, it dates from about 1300, and served as the vicarage until the early 1600's. Carole Sage (2002). Link. Grade I listed.

Methodist Chapel on Princes Street. NY 990 644. Peter Morgan. Another view, Steve Bulman (2012).

Market Place Chapel on Market Place, formerly Primitive Methodist (1867). NY 988 644. Steve Bulman (2012). Grade II listed - link.

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Hill Street, dating from 1865. NY 989 644. Alan Blacklock.





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