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Colwyn Bay, Conwy

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Baptist Church on Princes Drive. SH 850 792. Lesley Baxendale. Link.

Bethlehem Welsh Presbyterian Church on Lawson Road. SH 855 787. Mike Berrell.

Capel Salem, home of Cartef Antioch, on Abergele Road. SH 853 786 (approx). Mike Berrell.

Cemetery Chapel. Martin Briscoe.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Princes Drive. Another view. Circa SH 847 793. Lesley Baxendale (2010).

Previously listed incorrectly (though understandably) as a former Chapel on Ivy Street. SH 851 790. Mike Berrell. Howard Richter has been studying old maps, and can find no evidence that this was ever a chapel. It first appears in the late 1930's, though isn't named. After the war, it appears as "Works". Howard believes it may have had a connection with the tram system, which terminated only yards away.

The former Engedi Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on Woodland Road West, now disused. SH 849 789. Mike Berrell. News item from 2020 about plans for conversion to housing.

Horeb Chapel on Rhiw Road. SH 850 787 (approx). Lesley Baxendale.

Nant-y-Glyn Methodist Church, on Abergele Road. SH 855 783. Mike Berrell.

National Spiritualist Church on Woodland Road West. Interior view. SH 849 789. Mike Berrell.

Presbyterian Church on Conway Road. SH 848 791. Mike Berrell.

Religious Society of Friends on Erskine Road. SH 854 787 (approx). Mike Berrell.

St. Andrew on Lansdowne Road. 116 SH 840 792. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2. Mike Berrell advised in early 2017 that this church has been made redundant.

St. David's Union Church on Rhiw Road. Lesley Baxendale.

St. John on Conway Road. SH 846 792. Mike Berrell.

St. Joseph (R.C.) on Conway Road. Interior view (taken in 2004). SH 845 792. Both Lesley Baxendale.

St. Paul on Woodland Road East. SH 850 789. Mike Berrell.

Tabernacl Capel y Bedyddwyr (1888) on Abergele Road. SH 853 786 (approx). Mike Berrell.

The now disused U.R.C. (1885) on Abergele Road. SH 852 788. Mike Berrell.

Former Wesleyan Chapel on Greenfield Road (now Coastal Ceramics). SH 854 788. Mike Berrell. Lesley Baxendale advises that this was the first Methodist (Wesleyan) Welsh church in Colwyn Bay, built 1876 and enlarged in 1888. It was also used by the English Wesleyans until the Nant-y-Glyn chapel was built in 1905 (see above). It was sold at this time, and has had a number of uses since - including as a garage in the 1950's, and a carpet shop in the 1990's.

Woodhill Baptist Church on Woodhill Road. SH 850 786. Lesley Baxendale.




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