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Cockermouth, Cumbria

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All Saints (1852-4). NY 125 307. Steve Bulman. Interior view. Alan Blacklock. Link. This building was preceded by another, dating from 1711, which burned down in 1850.

Cemetery Chapel. NY 127 301. Judith Anderson. Grade II listed - link.

Christ Church (1863-5). NY 123 304. Steve Bulman. Another view. Alan Blacklock. Link.

Friends Meeting Room (1884) on Kirkgate. Another view. NY 124 305. Both Steve Bulman (2016). Link.

The King's Church meets at Cockermouth School. Link is to an external website.

Methodist Chapel. NY 122 304. Steve Bulman. Link, which says that the present town hall was also one of their previous homes. NY 122 306. Steve Bulman (2011).

Probable former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1841) on New Street. A 1901 directory says "The Primitive Methodist Chapel, in New Street, was built in 1845, as the National Schools. The building was purchased in 1885, and refurnished as a chapel at a cost of about 1,300. There is accommodation for about 400 persons. The Sunday school is attached. The old chapel is now used by the Salvation Army." It now seems to be in use as housing. Steve Bulman (2011).

St. Joseph (R.C.) (1856). NY 117 306. Steve Bulman. Link.

United Reformed Church, formerly the Congregational Chapel (1850), on Main Street. NY 119 307. Steve Bulman. A directory of 1901 says "The old chapel, built in 1735, stands behind the new one, and is used as a Sunday school". Still standing, it is visible from the footpath to the footbridge over the river, and is now in residential use. Link.




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