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Clitheroe, Lancashire

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Clitheroe Community Church. SD 738 413. Philip Kapp.

Mount Zion Chapel closed around 1960, and was used as a factory until about 3 years ago. It is currently unused. SD 743 415. Philip Kapp. Thanks to Raven Wenner who has advised that the building is to be converted into a mosque,

Progressive Spiritualist Church. SD 740 413. Philip Kapp.

St. James on St. James's Street. SD 743 411. Philip Kapp. Grade II listed.

St. Mary Magdalene. Steve Bulman. The spire is currently (2012) being re-built - see a news story here. Interior view, John Balaam (2012). Grade II* listed.

St. Michael & St. John (R.C.). SD 743 417. Philip Kapp. Interior view, and side-chapel, both John Balaam (2012).

St Paul on Edisford Road, Low Moor. Another view. SD 7321 4155. Both Steve Bulman. Another view, and an interior, both John Balaam (2015). Another view, Mike Berrell (2016).

Salvation Army Hall (1st floor) on Lowergate. Rob Brettle.

Trinity Methodist Church. SD 740 417. Philip Kapp.

U.R.C. Steve Bulman.




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