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Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire                         

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Bethania Welsh Presbyterian Chapel. Gerard Charmley.

Bethel Christian Centre on Old St. Clears Road. Janet Gimber (2015). Link.

Christchurch. Graeme Harvey. Another view. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Congregational Chapel. Graeme Harvey.

Ebenezer Gospel Hall. Gerard Charmley (2010).

The former Ebenezer Welsh Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, closed ca. 1920). Previously listed as the former Park-y-Velvet Welsh Unitarian Church, now the Jobcentre, my appreciation to Richard Huws for the correction. The latter building can be seen here, on an external website. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Eglwys Efengylaidd. John Balaam (2015).

English Congregational Church. Graeme Harvey. Another view. Gerard Charmley.

The former English Unitarian Church, now in commercial use. Gerard Charmley.

The Evangelical church is housed in the old Presbyterian College buildings. Gerard Charmley.

Heol Awst Welsh Independent Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2010). Another view. Graeme Harvey.

Lammas Street English Baptist Chapel (1872). Gerard Charmley. Interior view, the organ, and a view from the rear showing how far back the organ loft stretches. All Gerard Charmley (2010).

Penuel Baptist Chapel on Priory Street is the oldest Baptist Chapel in Carmarthen. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Quaker Meeting House. Gerard Charmley.

St. David. Graeme Harvey. Another view. Opened in 1837, only the tower remains of this earlier building, the rest being replaced in a re-build of 1855. Gerard Charmley (2010). According to comments on Flickr, an internal wall collapsed, closing the building. Subsequently sold, the intention is now to convert to residential use.

St. John (CiW). Gerard Charmley (2010).

St. Mary (R.C.). Graeme Harvey.

St. Peter, the parish church (CiW) on St. Peter's Street. Gerard Charmley. Another view, Alex Parker. Another view, and an interior view, both Gerard Charmley (2010). Link.

Salvation Army Centre (above the shop). Gerard Charmley (2010).

Tabernacle Baptist Church, originally built in 1811, and re-built 1842. Hymn-writer Titus Lewis is buried here. Gerard Charmley.

Union Street Congregational Chapel. Another view. Both Gerard Charmley (2010).

Water Street Presbyterian Church. The octagonal extension of the building was made to house an organ. Gerard Charmley.

Welsh Unitarian Chapel. Gerard Charmley.

Wesley Methodist Church. Graeme Harvey. Link.

Y Priordy (the Priory) Independent Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2010).

Zion Presbyterian Chapel (1850).  Graeme Harvey. Another view. Gerard Charmley.




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