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  Bloxwich, West Midlands

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All Saints on Elmore Green Road. Another view. Both Derrick Reeves. Interior view, and the font, both Dennis Harper (2003). Link.

Bloxwich Community Church (Pentecostal) on Stokes Street, originally Bethel Gospel Church. There is a date in the render above and left of the leftmost window, which says 1982. The building looks older, so this may just be the date of a renovation. Dennis Harper (2011).

The disused Cemetery Chapel in Field Road Cemetery. Dennis Harper (2012).

Holy Ascension Church (CoE) on Sanstone Road. Another view, and an interior view. All Dennis Harper (2011). Since Dennis took these photos, the church has been demolished and a larger one built on the site. The new church, an interior view, and the altar. The font has been retained from the old church. All Dennis Harper (2019).

St. James on Old Lane. Dennis Harper (2011).

St. John's Methodist Church on Victoria Avenue. Dennis Harper (2005).

St. Peter (R.C.) on High Street. Another view, and an interior view. All Dennis Harper (2004).

St. Thomas on Cresswell Crescent. Dennis Harper (2011). Link.

Spiritualist Church on Revival Street. Dennis Harper (2012). Link.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Church on Park Road dates from the 1830's. Long redundant (by 1913 it was a cinema), it remains in commercial use. Dennis Harper (2005). Another view. Dennis Harper (2011). Link (a fascinating history).









27 April 2019

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