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Birkenhead, Merseyside

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Bethany Chapel (Evangelical) on Holmlands Drive, Prenton. Magnus Park (2015). Link.

Charing Cross Methodist Church on Claughton Road. Gerard Charmley. Link.

Charles Thompson Mission Church on Hemingford Street. Gerard Charmley. Link.

Christ Church. This is an old postcard from Steve Bulman's Collection, and had been in the "Unknown" section for a long time. It caused much discussion, and was finally solved by Phil Draper. It was posted to an address on Anglesey, stamped (though not franked) in the reign of Edward VII (1901-1910). Simon Davies had suggested St. Paul, on Vicarage Gate, Kensington, London, which was damaged during the war, and demolished, but I'd been unable to find any corroborative photos. Brian Curtis had been looking at Old Maps, and deduced that the only way to get a view similar to the postcard would be by looking SSE along Palace Gardens Terrace. Using Google Earth to get a modern view along that road showed that the houses (which look Victorian), didn't have gardens - which the view in the postcard shows. In addition, Brian had found an old illustration here - Plate "19c"- it seemed more ornate than the church in the postcard - examine the spire, and note also the small turret to the left, not apparent in the postcard view. Janet Gimber had also been digging, and found a view of the church looking along Palace Gardens Terrace - proof positive that the postcard is not of St. Paul. Select image 55475 from this page.
Phil offered up as proof the following links - link1, link2, link3.

Christ the King on Beckwith Street. Two further views- 1, 2. All Dennis Harper (2012). Grade II listed - link.

Church of God meets in Atherton Hall. Gerard Charmley. Link.

Emmaus Church on Claughton Road is the former Free Church of the Welsh. Gerard Charmley.

Emmanuel Holiness Church on Claughton Road. Dennis Harper (2012). Link.

Hamilton Memorial U.R.C. on Upton Road. Magnus Park (2015).

Holy Cross Church at Woodchurch. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.

Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church (1957-9, closed 2006) on Hoylake Road, Bidston. Magnus Park (2015). A good history here. Link.

Kailash Buddhist Meditation Centre on Biston Road and Howbeck Road. Magnus Park (2015). Link.

Maitland Evangelical Church on Storeton Road, Oxton. Magnus Park (2015). Link.

The former Mortuary Chapels (CoE and Non-conformist, 1864) in Flaybrick Cemetery on Tollemache Road, Bidston. There was a Catholic Chapel, demolished in 1971. The cemetery was re-named as Flaybrick Memorial Gardens in 1995. SJ 293 894. Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

Providence Strict and Particular Baptist Church on Storeton Road has been home to the congregation from Shaw Street Chapel in Liverpool since 2000. Gerard Charmley.

St. Andrew on Raymond Way, Noctorum. Magnus Park (2015). Link1. Link2.

St. Bede's Chapel and Community Centre (CoE) on Scotts Place and Mona Street, Claughton Village. Magnus Park (2015).

St. Michael an All Angels (R.C.) on New Hey Road, Woodchurch. SJ 2866 8652. Magnus Park (2015). Link1. Link2.

St. Saviour at Oxton. Frank Joinson.

The former St. Winefride. Gerard Charmley.

The former United Methodist Chapel on Claughton Road and Eastbourne Road is now in commercial use. Gerard Charmley.

The former United Presbyterian Church on Grange Road West. Gerard Charmley.





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