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  Batley, West Yorkshire                                                 

Batley on Wikipedia.

All Saints. Stan Walker. Link.

Cemetery Chapels in Batley Cemetery. One is still in use, the other now serves as a community centre. Another view. Both David Regan (2011). Link.

Central Methodist Church on Commercial Street was formerly Zion Chapel, and was colloquially known as The Shoddy Temple. See  here for an explanation about shoddy; mill owners would strike deals on the steps of the church on Sundays. David Regan (2011). Link.

Christ Church at Staincliffe. SE 230 236. Bill Henderson. Link.

The Congregational Church on Hanover Street can be seen on this external website.

Ebenezer Methodist Church, at Hanging Heaton. Bill Henderson.

Holy Trinity. David Regan (2011).

Jumma Masjid on Bradford Road, aka Batley Carr Mosque. David Regan (2011). Link.

Former Primitive Methodist Chapel. David Regan (2011).

St. Paul, at Hanging Heaton. Bill Henderson. History (well worth a look for some entertaining tales). Two photos of 1916 showing the shell of the church following a fire - link1, link2.

St. Saviour at Brown Hills. Bill Henderson.

Salvation Army Church and Community Centre. Bill Henderson.

Staincliffe Baptist Church. David Reagan (2012). Link.

Former Salvation Army Citadel. David Reagan (2011).

Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Hick Lane, now in industrial use. David Reagan (2011).

Wesleyan Methodist Chapel at Batley Carr. David suspects that this is the demolished Mackenzie Memorial Methodist Church - can you confirm? From an old postcard in David Regan's Collection. Howard Richter has confirmed that this is the Mackenzie Memorial Methodist Church, which stood on Town Street, and has provided the following dates - built 1872, vacated in 1943, and demolished in 1951. A Streetview of 2009 vintage shows a low wall (left hand side of the road, to the right of the "humps" road sign) which may be the wall in the old postcard. By 2018, Streetview shows that housing and grass had covered the site of the church, and the old wall has evidently been built up or completely re-built. This link provides a useful summary of the various buildings used by the church on this site.






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