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Bathgate, West Lothian

Bathgate on Wikipedia.

Bathgate Christian Spiritualist Church meet in the Scout Hall on Marjoribanks Street. Jim Parker (2016).

Bathgate Evangelical Union U.R.C. on Marjoribanks Street. This is the former Bathgate Congregational Church. Another view. Bathgate Baptist Church meet in the church hall. Both Jim Parker (2016). Link.

High Church (CoS). John Balaam (2011). Two additional views - 1, 2, both Jim Parker (2016). Link.

The former St. David on George Street. Jim Parker (2016). Link1. Link2.

St. John (CoS) on Mid Street. John Balaam (2011). Another view, Jim Parker (2016). Link.

St. Columba (Scottish Episcopal) on Glasgow Road. Jim Parker (2016). Link.

St. Mary and St. Columba (R.C.) on Livery Street. Another view, Jim Parker (2016). Link.










11 January 2017

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