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  Barnoldswick, Lancashire                                 

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Baptist Church on Manchester Road. SD 877 464. Mike Berrell (2013). Link.

Of Bethesda Baptist Chapel on Chapel Street, all that remains is the boundary wall and gateway. SD 877 465. Mike Berrell (2013). This link has a photo of the chapel.

Free Presbyterian Church of Scotland on Kelbrook Road. SD 881 464. Mike Berrell (2013). Link.

Holy Trinity on Skipton Road. SD 877 468. Steve Bulman. Another view. Rob Brettle. Two interiors - 1, 2, and the attractive modern font, all Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

Independent Methodist Church (1892) on Walmsgate. Four views of the handsome interior - 1, 2, 3, 4. SD 876 465. All Mike Berrell (2013). Link. Grade II listed.

The one-time Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Calf Hall Road. SD 875 465. Mike Berrell (2013). This news item explains the planned use as commercial premises.

Majestic Christian Centre on Albert Road. SD 878 467. Steve Bulman. Link.

Mortuary Chapel in Ghyll Cemetery on Ghyll Lane. SD 893 479. Mike Berrell (2014).

St. Andrew (Methodist) on Mosley Street. SD 879 466. Steve Bulman. Interior view, Mike Berrell (2013).

St. Joseph (R.C.) on Gisburn Street. SD 876 471. Steve Bulman. Another view, and two interior views - 1, 2. The dates of the first priest are 1907-1949 (see plaque), but the foundation stone is dated 1928, implying an earlier building. All Mike Berrell (2013).

St. Mary-le-Ghyll on Ghyll Lane. SD 893 480. Philip Kapp. Another view, two interior views - 1, 2, the three-decker pulpit (and the view from it), and the list of vicars, all Mike Berrell (2013). LinkGrade I listed.

Salvation Army on St. James Square. It seems to be closed, as it is being advertised on an Estate Agents website - here. SD 877 467. Rob Brettle.







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