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Ballymena, County Antrim                                  

Ballymena on Wikipedia.

1st Presbyterian. The congregation was founded in 1627, and the church date-stone shows this date, however the building itself is of 1850. D 108 032. Gerard Close. Another view, an impressive tablet dating from 1841, and an old illustration of the church, with its tower, which was removed in the late 19th or early 20th century. All Adam McCurdy (2015). Link.

All Saints (R.C.). D 110 040. Gerard Close.

Ballyloughan Presbyterian Church. D 103 049. Gerard Close (2010).

Ballymena Church of God. D 119 047. Gerard Close (2010).

Baptist Church. D 105 037. Gerard Close (2012).

Church of Our Lady Mother of The Church (R.C.). D 108 025. Gerard Close. Adam McCurdy advises that this has been demolished owing to the high costs of repairing it.

Congregational Church. D 104 031. Gerard Close (2013). Link.

Covenant Protestant Reformed Church. D 100 035. Gerard Close (2013).

Elim Pentecostal Church. D 107 031. Gerard Close.

Faith Mission Hall was the original High Kirk Presbyterian Church. D 105 035. Gerard Close.

Gospel Hall. D 096 026. Gerard Close (2013).

The Harryville Gospel Hall. D 110 023. Gerard Close.

The Harryville Presbyterian Church. D 108 026. Gerard Close (2010).

High Kirk Presbyterian Church, or 2nd Presbyterian Church. See also Faith Mission Hall, above. D 105 040. Gerard Close (2010). Interior view, and the rose window, which Adam advises is extremely rare in a Northern Irish Presbyterian Church. Both Adam McCurdy (2015).

Hillside Community Church. D 105 054. Gerard Close (2010).

Independent Methodist Church. D 104 044. Gerard Close (2010).

J. Kyle Paisley Memorial Free Presbyterian. D 106 019. Gerard Close (2012).

Jehovah Jireh Gospel Bus Ministry. D 109 009. Gerard Close (2013).

Laymore Faith Mission Hall. D 091 049. Gerard Close (2010).

Methodist Church. D 103 035. Gerard Close.

The R.C. Chapel at St. Louis College. Adam McCurdy (2015).

St. Columba (CoI). D 104 053. Gerard Close (2010).

St. Patrick (CoI). D 109 030. Gerard Close.

Victory Praise Community Church. D 118 017. Gerard Close.

Wellington Presbyterian Church replaced Wellington Street Presbyterian in 2009. D 088 020. Gerard Close (2010).

Wellington Presbyterian Church. D 107 034. Gerard Close. Link.

West Church (3rd Presbyterian). D 104 034. Gerard Close. Another view, and an interior, both Adam McCurdy (2015). Adam explains that the original church, designed by Charles Lanyon, was destroyed in 1928. Rebuilt to the original design (or very close to it), a damaged fragment of the WW1 memorial from the original church was rescued and is on display in the present church. Adam McCurdy (2015). Link.





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