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Bacup, Lancashire

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Lots of Bacup churches here.

The former Beulah Church at Britannia, was built as the Britannia United Methodist Church in 1884, and was destroyed by a fire in 1892; re-opened 1894. SD 882 216. John Purdy. Another view after completion of its conversion to flats. Mike Berrell.

Central Methodist Church on Burnley Road, was previously the Waterside Methodist Free Church, built in 1897, but earlier churches are known to have existed on the same site. SD 865 232. John Purdy. Two interior views - 1, 2 - both Mike Berrell.

Change Primitive Methodist Chapel on Todmorden Road opened in 1871 and closed in 1919. Interior view. Both from Nigel Birch's Collection.

Christ Church (1854) on Christ Church Street. Interior view. SD 872 233. Both Mike Berrell. Grade II listed - link.

The former Ebenezer Baptist Church, demolished in the 1960's, was built in 1868. The congregation moved to Trinity Baptist Church. From Nigel Birch's Collection.

This drawing of the now-demolished Irwell Terrace Baptist Chapel is held by Trinity Baptist Church. Reproduced by kind permission of the church; photographed by Mike Berrell. SD 869 230.

The former Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel opened in 1841. From Nigel Birch's Collection.

Providence Chapel, founded in 1846 as the Providence Particular Baptists. Enlarged in 1851, re-built in 1911, it was closed in 1956. SD 872 231. John Purdy. Compare with this old photo which shows it before the right-hand extension was added. From Nigel Birch's Collection.

The former St. John the Evangelist (1882-3) closed on or prior to 2013 - see Disposal Notice. SD 867 231. John Purdy. Grade II listed.

St. Mary (R.C.) on Dale Street. Interior view, and a close-up of the altar. SD 867 230. All Mike Berrell.

The former St. Saviour at New Line. Another view. Closed in 2007, it was for sale in 2011 (link). SD 866 219. Both Mike Berrell. Grade II listed. St. Saviour's School was in the Unknown section for a long time. An old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection, identified by Colin Waters. Link (scroll down the page).

Spiritualist Church on South Street. SD 870 230. Mike Berrell.

Thorn Wesleyan Church on Alma Street. SD 867 225. Nigel Birch.

The former Todmorden Road Wesleyan Methodist Church, at Sharneyford, now a private residence. SD 884 243. Nigel Birch.

Trinity Baptist Church. SD 867 230. Nigel Birch. Interior view. Mike Berrell.

The former Wesley Place Chapel (1866) was demolished 100 years later. From Nigel Birch's Collection.




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