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  Antrim, County Antrim

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All Saints (CoI). Alastair Cameron. Link.

Apostolic Church. J 169 861. Gerard Close (2016).

Baptist Church (1973). J 170 861. Gerard Close (2016).

Elim Pentecostal Church. J 157 875. Gerard Close (2016).

First Antrim Congregation (Presbyterian). Alastair Cameron. Link.

Free Presbyterian Church. J 156 876. Gerard Close (2016).

Gospel Hall. J 146 864. Gerard Close (2016).

Greystone Road Presbyterian Church. J 167 866. Gerard Close (2016).

High Street Presbyterian Church, the successor to the former church in the following entry. J 155 879. Gerard Close (2016).

The former High Street Presbyterian Church, Alastair Cameron, identified by Mark Finlay. The congregation moved to another church building some years ago (see entry above).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. J 146 865. Gerard Close (2016).

Methodist Church (1977). J 163 864. Gerard Close (2016).

St. Comgall (R.C., 1870). Two interior views - 1, 2, and the Last Supper carving on the altar. All Adam McCurdy (2015).

St. Patrick (CoI). J 159 874. Gerard Close (2016).

Previously listed as an unidentified church ( Alastair Cameron), Mark Finlay has advised that it is the former Antrim Masonic Hall.







11 October 2023

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