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  Andover, Hampshire

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Methodist Church on Bridge St. SU 364 453. Andrew Ross. Link.

St. Mary, of ancient foundation, the Parish Church. SU 365 458. Andrew Ross. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Another view, Chris Kippin. Link. Grade II listed. This may be a chapel in the grounds. Can you confirm? Janet Gimber has advised that it shows on an 1874 map as a Dissenters' Chapel, and on later maps as "Mortuary Chapel (Nonconformist)", and has also supplied this link, which mentions that it had been disused for at least 50 years. The articles mention of it having been "St. Mary's Chapel", though given its history, this may be fanciful. Judy Flynn advises that Pevsner's Hampshire, of the 1967 vintage, says that it was the Industrial School for Girls, founded in 1849, and that at the date of publication it was the Church Institute. Andrew Ross.

Salvation Army. SU 365 453. Andrew Ross.





21 June 2018

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