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Ambleside, Cumbria

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Baptist Church. Steve Bulman. Kevin Price advises (2010) that this was previously a Brethren Church (he thinks until the 1990's).

The short-lived first Mater Amabilis (R.C.). Previously in the "Unknown" section, this is another from Judy Flynn's Collection, and was identified by the indefatigable Phil Draper, who advises that the church was built in 1934. However, it suffered from structural problems, and was re-built after the war, opening in 1952. At least some of the older church survives in the present-day church - compare the main window and the panels below it with the present building here. This page on the same website has an interesting history, as well as photos of an earlier tin church.

Methodist Church. NY 376 046. Paul Brown.

St. Anne. A well-travelled engraving entitled Church Near Ambleside now resides in a Christchurch (New Zealand) Art Gallery. Judy Flynn has advised that it is the former church of St. Anne, later re-built, and offers this in support - link (scroll down to the photo of a window in the present church). Although evidently the same building as in the engraving, either the window or the engraving has been reflected side-to-side - note the windows in the engraving has the extra lower window at the left, and the window has the extra lower window at the right. The re-built church (1812) was made redundant in 1940, and is now in residential use.

St. Mary Community Church (CoE and Methodist). NY 374 044. Paul Brown. An interior view, the East Window, and a mural (by Gordon Ransom in 1944) depicting the rush bearing ceremony, still held once a year here, all Dave Westrap. Another view, Charles R. Thirlwell (1959). Link1. Link2. Link3. Link4.






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