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Abernethy, Kirk of St. Bride (the Parish Church) on School Wynd. Link. The former South United Free Church on Kirk Wynd. Both photos taken from the adjacent Round Tower, Alex Parker.
Alyth, the former South United Free Church, which now serves as the parish halls. Kevin Price (2012).
Amulree, the Amulree and Strathbraan Parish Church (CoS, 1743). NN 899 366. John Cannon. Link1. Link2. Grade B listed.

Bankfoot, the ruins of Auchtergaven and Moneydie Parish Church (aka Bankfoot Church) on Cairneyhill Road. It was destroyed by fire in 2004, and has since been replaced by a new church on Tulliebelton Road - photos can be found on their website. A local informant told Tony that there were plans to demolish the old church. NO 069 353. Tony Preston.
Blair Atholl, the parish church (CoS). NN 654 874. Bill Henderson. Another view, Martin Briscoe. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, and an interior view (taken through a window), all Dennis Harper (2013). St. Bride's Auld Kirk. Bill Henderson. St. Adamnan (Kilmaveonaig Episcopal Church, 1794, on the site of an earlier church) which stands just outside the town at NN 879 657. Another view, and a stone recording restoration in 1899. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2. Link3. Link4.
Braco, Ardoch Parish Church (CoS). NN 837 098. Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2.

Clunie, the Kirk. Gill Gaiser. Link.
Coupar Angus. Helen D'Ali.
Cray, the former United Free Church, now in private ownership. Another view. Both Kevin Price (2012).

Dowally, St. Anne (CoS). Bill Henderson.
Dunkeld, the ruins of the cathedral, and the east end, which now serves as the parish church. NO 024 426. Both Bill Henderson. Two additional views - 1, 2, and an interior view, all John Cannon. Link. St. Anne. Martin Briscoe.
Dunning, St. Serf. NO 019 145. Martin Briscoe. Two further views - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2011). Link1, which says the church ceased to be used for worship in 1978. Link2. Link3. Link4. Dunning Church, serving the Stewartry of Strathearn. Martin Briscoe.

Fortingall, Church of Scotland. It was built 1900-2, on the site of earlier churches. The belfry of the previous 18th century church survives in the churchyard. A yew tree here is said to be about 5000 years old. NN 742 470. John Cannon. Link1. Link2. Link3.

Gilmerton, the former Free Church, now a private residence. Alan Craxford. The Link shows an old postcard view.
Glendevon, the Parish Church (CoS). Interior view. Both Ian White. Another view, Jim Parker (2012). Link.
Glenshee, Parish Church. Bill Henderson.
Grandtully, St. Mary, built in 1533 as successor to an older church which stood nearby. Enlarged in 1636, it was divided into two parts in 1892, one part becoming a farm building. Another view. NN 886 506. Both Bill Henderson (2017). Link1. Link2.

Innerwick, Church of Scotland (1828, on the site of an earlier church). Interior view. NN 588 475. Both John Cannon. Link. Grade B listed.

Kenmore, the Parish Church (1760, CoS), on the site of an earlier (1669) church. Another view. Both from Jim Parker's Collection. Link1. Link2.
, the Kirk. Gill Gaiser.
Kinross, Church of Scotland. Link. St. Paul (Episcopal). Link. Church Centre, which Alan Mathew has advised was the former East Parish Church. All Bill Henderson.
Kirkmichael, derelict former church. Alan suspects this is a former Duff Memorial Free Church, and that it may have been in commercial use (fire station?) since the church closed, but doesn't appear to be being used now. Alan Mathew.

Logierait, Parish Church. NN 967 520. Jim Parker. Link.
Longleys, Kinloch Mausoleum (1861). Previously in the "Unknown" section, what was assumed to be a church was identified as the mausoleum by Simon Davies, Greg Mishevski, and Brian Curtis. Two further views - 1, 2. All Kevin Price (2012). Link. Grade B listed - link, which also says that the mausoleum stands on the site of St. Mary's Chapel.

Milnathort, the Orwell Parish Church. Shona Murdoch.
Monzie, the Kirk (CoS). According to the Link, the church is believed to have been dedicated to St. Lawrence. Alan Craxford.
Muthill, the New Parish Church (CoS) on Main Street. NN 868 171. Alan Craxford. Another view, Dennis Harper (2013). Link1. Link2. St. James (Episcopal) on Station Road. NN 869 171, Alan Craxford. Another view, Dennis Harper (2013). Link.


Scone, Scone Palace Chapel. NO 114 266. Jim Parker. Link. Scone and St. Martin's Parish Church. NO 1387 2622. Bill Henderson (2017). Link.

Tullibardine, the Chapel. Interior view. NN 909 134. An important medieval survival, largely dating from a re-build of about 1500. Both Alan Craxford. Link.

Weem, Church of Scotland. This was previously in the "Unknown" section, as follows - "George Duchow has a family film clip made in Scotland in 1967. There is a church at 1 minute 32 seconds into the clip, which can be viewed on Youtube here. Can you advise the location?".  My appreciation to Greg Mishevski for the identification. The church was built as St. David's Episcopal Church in 1875, and acquired by the CoS in 1918 as the new parish church. Link1. Link2.




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